See below for a list of workshops at our 2019 General Conference which will take place on Thursday afternoon. For the schedule and locations of each workshop, please click here. Check back in a couple weeks to see more about each presenter. 


BE A Leader: Transforming MCC
Rev. Dr. Kharma Amos & Rev. Dr. Mona West
Workshop Block 1 & 2

In the current context of the world and our own experience of MCC’s around the world, leaders are desperately needed in congregations, networks, and our larger movement. Consider how you can lean into your core strengths and develop others. Explore how being a good leader inspires others. Transform yourself and others as you lead.

Called to Christian Social Action
Rev. Marie Alford Harkey
Workshop Block 1 & 2

UFMCC recognizes social justice and activism as part of our call. This workshop will help U.S.-based clergy practice and understand your vital role in social justice witness in the local community, state, and national levels. You will receive information on sexual, gender and reproductive justice. You will discuss the misuse of religious freedom in the US. You will learn how to build relationships with secular organizations, and how to leverage moral and spiritual authority on social justice issues in the public arena. You will receive templates for op-eds and a letter to the editor, as well as other resources.

Children’s Ministry – Engaging Awe, Wonder and Curiosity
Rev. Andrew Holmes & Kelly Taylor-White
Workshop Block 1 & 2

The world of Children’s Ministry is vast and filled with challenges and rewards. There is room for creativity and various models engage children’s curiosity, awe and wonder about God’s world and their place in it. Knowing which model is best for your children is key to developing highly engaging programs and worship experiences. This interactive workshop will focus on two engaging and interactive Children’s Ministry models. We are excited to share our experiences and help you adapt these for your Children’s Ministry. 

Diversity and Inclusion in Church Leadership and Worship
Rev. Cathy Alexander, Rev. Wes Mullins, & Jared Vazquez
Workshop Block 1 & 2

The weekly ritual of Communion at MCC churches is one of the key moments in worship when MCC’s core values of welcome, acceptance, and the inherent worth of each person is clearly visible, even tangible. How do we as faith communities practice church leadership and worship in a way that makes clearly visible, and even tangible, our commitment to diversity and inclusion? This workshop will provide participants with the opportunity to think about what diversity and inclusion look like in church leadership and worship in both a broad sense as well as in their own local church context. Utilizing a variety of activities and conversation techniques we will explore ideas and opinions each of us already have on this topic and challenge each other to dig deeper and expand our understanding of what is possible.

Embodied Lectio Divina
Rev. Dr. Kerr Mesner
Workshop Block 1 & 2

This experiential workshop shares a practice of embodied Lectio Divina.  You will combine a Lectio practice (meditative, reflective engagement with a text) with Augusto Boal’s Image Theatre techniques. You will explore ways embodied wisdom can deepen understanding of a text, and access ways of knowing that engage your entire body more fully. These practices are accessible and adaptable to participants with all ranges of ability, and require no prior theatre experience.

Emerging Ministries: The Movement is Moving
Rev. Wanda Floyd
Workshop Block 1 & 2

Come, learn how Emerging Ministries are changing the face of MCC in the USA and abroad.  Emerging Ministries is more than starting a church – it is about connecting people in innovative ways and how “church” is changing to meet the needs of people outside of “Sunday worship” and “traditional” church buildings.  We will discuss the benefits of partnering existing churches with emerging ministries. We focus on new and innovative ways to consider ministry from existing emerging church leaders.

How to Top from the Bottom: A Church Growth Approach
Rev. Elder Lillie Brock & Rev. Dr. Brent Hawkes
Workshop Block 1 & 2

In a new world where going to church has lost its luster and decline seems inevitable, this workshop will seek to connect us with our MCC roots as a cutting edge church.  Our call is to never give up and our mission to be a different kind of voice in the Christian world! This workshop will be a catalyst for you to think again about the relevance of MCC and the potential of a renewed time of growth.

Incarnation at the Intersection of Catastrophe (One Session)
Rev. Deb Cox, Rev. Terri Steed Pierce, Rev. Pressley Sutherland, Rev. Steve Torrence, Rev. Troy Treash & Rev. Dr. Roland Stringfellow
Workshop Block 1

Catastrophe and tragedy surround us. These MCC pastors have experienced tragedy as spiritual leaders. Come learn how they responded and experienced within their congregations and communities. They will share insight and skills on providing spiritual care, a sense of safety, and recovery afterwards.

It’s Not Your Parent’s Offering Plate
Sarah-Jane Ramage & Tom Melon
Workshop Block 1 & 2

Want to Never end the year again needing more funds for ministry? Giving is what God wants for you, not from you! Our need to give is greater than the church’s need to receive. Join with S-J and Tom, both experts in their fields on church ministry, finance, and generosity. Together and in break-out sessions, you will be receive personal training on how to enhance the generosity culture of your church, to update your stewardship methodology, to build trust within your community about money, to gain confidence in knowing what questions to ask, learn how to explain accounts and how to best budget for ministry. Walk away inspired and equipped to increase the generosity of your people.

MCC: Celebrate! With, Not Against, Our Multiple Differences
Rev. Elder Ines-Paul Baumann
Workshop Block 1 & 2

Is MCC dying? Can we handle our differences? Some MCCers have doubts and fears. Others are excited about MCC, but don’t understand why others are not. This workshop will help all of us to understand why MCC looks, acts, feels and develops differently for different people at different places – and what that means for you and the MCC you (want to) experience and facilitate as the prophetic movement that God calls us to be.

MCC Theologies What Sets Us Apart (One Session)
MCC Theologies Team
Workshop Block 2

The MCC Theologies Team seeks to enable “holy conversations” within our denomination about our various beliefs concerning the integration of sexuality and spirituality. Our hope is to build bridges across our theological differences and empower all people to do theology. This workshop provides participants a look at the work of the Theologies Team and give them the opportunity to provide feedback on the team’s current project on a Statement of Sexualities for the denomination. 

The NEW Mission Field: Meeting Millennials Where They Are
Rev. Alex Pittaway and Rev. Jeff Minor
Workshop Block 1 & 2

MCC is a cross section of people from many denominations creating something uniquely our own. In a time when there is broader inclusion in affirming denominations, we see a decrease in those leaving their religious community of origin to join MCC. The new mission field for church growth in the MCC denomination is a new generation of social media savvy millennials who have no previous religious experience in a new era of secularism. This means reaching out beyond our walls in new and different ways.

Plan for A World of Polarization…And Succeed!!!
Dr. Waltter Lopez
Workshop Block 1 & 2

The world around us is constantly changing! This workshop reviews the process of creating/renovating a product and/or service. Planning amidst polarization presents challenges and you will find innovative ways to deliver changes in a rapidly changing world…..the goal is to succeed. You will hear and share experiences of planning processes and how they are impacted by placement in the market pyramid.  

What’s Next? Creating Communities of Radical Embrace
Reverend Dr. Neil G Cazares-Thomas & Brandan Robertson
Workshop Block 1 & 2

Many faith communities have held up the banner of LGBT+ inclusion for decades. Inclusion is an important battle, and many faith communities are beginning to ask, “What’s next?” In this workshop, the presenters will discuss creating communities that embody intersectional inclusion.  They will discuss the challenges of growing inclusive faith communities, and offer a generative way forward for communities working to embrace all those who have been cast aside and marginalized.