General Questions

Q: What is General Conference?
A: General Conference is a place to connect with MCCers, friends, and allies from around the world. We conduct MCC’s denominational business and provide opportunities for our Global Communities to worship, connect and learn together. GC 2019 is all about celebrating our 50th, so if you are in for a fabulous celebration, register for the week or at least a day!


Q: Is the General Conference only for lay delegates and clergy?
A: NO − The General Conference is open to anyone who wishes to register. The conference is modeled in a way that the meetings and activities are relevant to all attendees. This General Conference will have multiple day-long institutes that are designed for anyone interested in the general topics of human rights, justice, and sexuality and spirituality.


Q: Are there any events I can attend if I did not register?
A: YES − All of our worship services are open to the public and do not require a registration to attend. Additionally, one can attend any Kinship/Affinity Groups without a conference registration. We highly encourage you to register so that you might experience the conference. Be sure to take a look at the registration page to choose from one of our many different payment options.


Q: Can I bring my family to the General Conference?
A: YES − We encourage you to bring your family. Many of our registrants use the conference as part of their family vacation.


Q: Will there be programming for children?
A: NO — Due to low numbers of children, we have cancelled our children/youth programming for General Conference 2019. This year at General Conference our Children will be staying with us during worship, opening plenary and  business meeting.

Our worship team is working on creative ways of integrating the children into worship. If your child is interested in having an active role in worship please let me know.

Each morning the children will be given a worship bag that is filled with fun activities. They will be asked to return them at the end of the day so we can refill them for the next day.

Activity space will be provided at the back of the large conference hall. The space will be filled with creative activities and a play center. We will do our best to have this space supervised by volunteers. However; if there are no volunteers then parents must supervise their children in this space.

If you have any questions and/or concerns please feel free our Children/Youth coordinator: Rev. Andrew Holmes:


Q: Will the conference provide programming for children under the age of three?
A: NO − We will not be providing this service at the conference; however, the hotel offers babysitting services for a fee. Please contact the hotel to make arrangements or with any questions.


Q: Will the conference write a Visa letter for my attendance? 
A: Yes, after one has registered for General Conference, one may request a visa letter by writing to: with their credentials for the conference. Please note that requests without a genuine MCC connection will be denied.


Q. What safety parameters are being taken for General Conference sessions? 
A: The General Conference Team takes security and safety seriously. It is required that all conference attendees wear their name badge at all times as those without a name badge will not be permitted into sessions outside of worship. Around the conference center, you will notice some folks in all black with a security ribbon on their badge. This is our MCC Conference Security Team which supplements the already robust, trained, and equipped hotel security staff. Our team is made up of trained security personnel, led by a police chief with over 25 years of experience. They monitor for strange activity, unattended bags and keep watch at the doors. They have instant access to the Hotel’s security staff and local police should an issue arise. We do not anticipate any major events happening, however, if there are, our security team is trained to deal with anything from bomb threats to an active shooter. At General Conference, if you are suspicious of any behavior or baggage, please contact security immediately.

Registration Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: How are the registration categories chosen?
A: MCC follows the guidelines from the World Council of Churches which groups countries based on GDP to make the registration costs more equitable.


Q: What are the US/Canada prices different from Europe/Australia/New Zealand?
A: In an effort to make registration and access to General Conference more equitable across the world, we have adjusted the registration costs for equitability.


Q: Why did the price for General Conference increase for US/Canada registrants?
A: Costs for General Conference rise slightly each year. This year, there is a larger rise for US/Canada residents in order to be more equitable around the world.


Q: What are service fees?
A: Like Ticketmaster or other online registration systems, all registration systems have a cost. This service fee pays for the online registration and credit card fees.


Q: Is there a way not to pay the service fees?
A: Yes, you can send a check into the MCC Office. For details on how to register this way, please contact:


Q: Can I do a payment plan?
A: Yes, 3-installment payment plans are available for the $375 rate. Your first payment will be $108 and due at the time of registration. The other installments will be established by each registrant and the registrar. If you have any questions on payment plans, please contact:


Q: What is the refund policy?
A: Refunds are available on a sliding scale.
Refund requested by 31 December 2018 – 100% refund
Refund requested by 01 March 2019 – 50% refund
Refunds requested after March, 1, 2019 are generally NON-REFUNDABLE

Q: Does my registration include food and the hotel?
A: No, reservations for the Hilton Orlando need to be made separately. Food is also not included in registration, so please plan a food budget.

Do you have a question not on this list? Email:

Accessibility Related Questions

Q: I have a special dietary requirement and/or food allergies?
A: Please list your dietary restrictions during the registration process. If allergies change or you have any questions, please contact us:

Q: I use a mobility device (walker, wheelchair or scooter). What items do I need to plan for when traveling to the conference?
A: Contact the MCC office for information about accessible transportation to and from the airport.


Q: I am traveling with a service animal. What items do I need to plan for?

  • Identification – Ensure that your service animal is wearing an appropriate vest, collar or other identification as a working service animal. All I.D. tags must be current.
  • Rabies Vaccination and Health Certificates (Required)
  • Pet Food – It is strongly recommended that you bring or ship your service animal’s food. Some pet food brands are regional, and it’s not guaranteed you will be able to find your pet food in Orlando.


Q: What happens in the case of a medical emergency?
A: Expect that medical care and treatment will come at a cost. Contact your health insurance provider to make sure that these costs are covered under your policy. You may need to purchase additional traveler’s health insurance.


Q: I have a medical condition. What do I need to know to plan my trip?

  • Insurance – Expect that medical care and treatment will come at a cost. Contact your health insurance provider to make sure that these costs are covered under your policy. You may need to purchase additional traveler’s health insurance.
  • Medical Records – In case of emergency, successful treatment will be dependent on knowing your medical history and any existing conditions. Bring a copy of your medical records. The record should include: any medications you are currently taking (prescription and over-the-counter), any allergies (especially pharmaceutical allergies) and any chronic or other conditions that you have been or are being treated for. Twenty-four hour contact information for your doctor is also important so that local physicians can consult your personal doctor if needed.
  • You may also wish to get or update a medical alert bracelet or necklace, especially if your medical history includes conditions that may render you unconscious and unable to communicate with the attending medical professionals. See the information about traveling with medication for additional details.


Q: What should I plan for if I have serious allergies?
A: If you have a condition such as asthma, bee sting allergies or extreme food allergies that may require rescue medication, be sure to carry your rescue medication with you at all times in a clearly identifiable container. Also, consider wearing a medical alert bracelet or necklace. See the information about traveling with medication for additional details.


Q: I have a hyperactive or compromised immune system and/or have MCS / IEI / TILT. What types of considerations should I plan for?
A: As you are aware, it is difficult to assess what chemicals may be in the environment at the hotel. We recommend you travel with your own towels, linens and personal care products. Work with the MCC Staff to contact the hotel’s housekeeping department at least 2 weeks in advance of the conference. Discuss your particular needs and share requests for cleaning your room such as removing all bed linens prior to your arrival, using a room with windows that open, limiting cleaning to vinegar and water, or other accommodations.


Q: I am traveling with medication. What do I need to know?
A: Bring an adequate supply of all medications. Medications must be in their original containers and clearly labeled. Carry a signed, dated letter from your primary physician describing all medical conditions and listing all medications, including generic names. If carrying syringes or needles, be sure to carry a physician’s letter documenting their medical necessity. Pack all medications in carry-on luggage. It is recommended that you carry a duplicate supply in the checked luggage. If you have significant allergies or chronic medical problems, wear a medical alert bracelet.


Q: Medications and Pharmaceutical Supplies

  • Travel with enough medication to cover the length of your stay plus enough for two extra days.
  • For over-the-counter medication and pharmaceutical supplies, have your personal physician prepare a copy of your medical records indicating their need and use.
  • Carry all medication, pharmaceutical supplies, and documentation with you in your carry-on luggage. Once at the hotel, make sure your roommate knows where this information is, and if possible, keep a copy with you in a purse, bag, wallet or pocket.
  • Refrigerators – When you make your hotel reservation, note that you require a refrigerator.


Q: I travel with Oxygen, what do I need to plan for?
Air Travel
If you occasionally or regularly require supplemental oxygen, most U.S. air carriers and many overseas carriers can provide service for passengers requiring oxygen. The FAA requires a physician’s statement of your oxygen needs in order to fly on a commercial airline. You cannot bring your own oxygen on-board, you must use airline supplied oxygen. Requirements vary from carrier to carrier, but they all require arrangements be made in advance, and they all charge for in-flight oxygen. Contact the airline’s special services or medical department at least seven days in advance of your trip. Charges range between USD$50.00 and USD$150.00 per flight. If you change planes on your trip, you will be charged twice. If possible, take a direct flight or one with an extra stop but no plane change.

Airlines don’t provide oxygen for in-terminal use, even during layovers. Some airports do not allow oxygen containers to pass through the security check point. You need to make arrangements for oxygen while waiting for your flight and between legs separately. It may be easiest to book your flight through a travel agent that specializes in disability travel. A list of agents is available at

Oxygen Concentrators
In order to use an oxygen concentrator on-board you must get a written statement indicating that you can see/hear alarms and respond properly, when oxygen is necessary, and the maximum rate of flow as allowed by the cabin pressure. A possible template form for your physician to complete is available at Some airlines may require the statement on the physician’s official letterhead.

Before booking the flight, make sure that the airline knows that you are planning to use an oxygen concentrator. Be sure to ask about the availability and type of power supplies available during the flight. Also, be sure to have a backup oxygen supply planned for your final destination.

Make sure your oxygen concentrator is clean and well-maintained. Bring enough batteries for the flight and a few extra in case of delays. Go to the airport early because it may take longer for the oxygen concentrator to pass security. It will also be helpful to have information about your oxygen concentrator from the manufacturer and medical record documentation of your need from your physician. You may encounter a customs agent who is not familiar with this specific piece of medical equipment. After the flight, be sure to recharge your batteries for the trip home.